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Harley Quinn Makeup Photo shoot comicon

Harley Quinn Makeup Photo shoot comicon

Harley Quinn makeup look with the full costume, Harley Quinn bat, and all from Suicide Squad with Diamond Class Agency Model Gabi Goggin. I love the Harley Quinn acting. This is my first Comicon theme shoot and look forward to doing several more. Big thank you! Gabi, you nailed it! The Harley Quinn makeup was applied by Gabi Goggin herself.

Grunge rusty interior with photos, sepia
Old rusty metal door in an abandoned warehouse


Choosing the correct lens
While there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing the right lens for cosplay photography, the following are the two key points you may want to put into consideration.
The lighting conditions –Basically, there is a way light affects the lenses. As a general rule, poor lighting conditions will require lenses with sharper focus so the finer details of the image can be seen.

The costume colors –There are various costume colors that affect the outcome of the image in a cosplay photo session. Remember that the goal is to depict the colors just as they are so your audience can relate the photographs to the real characters.

It should be remembered that the main aim of cosplay is to successful represent a character in a movie/film, video games or anime series. Therefore, the challenge of a cosplay photographer is to ensure that the original character is successfully represented while still maintaining the general aura of the background as characterized by the glamorous look of the model representing or playing these characters.


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