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Photoshoot set design 4video

Creative Game Series Photography Set #4

Photoshoot set design #4 of the fun and creative game photo series. This is DIY set and I'm no professional but I thought these...
Nicole Mvideo

Black & White Photo Challenge Winner

  Nicole Matheny is the winner for this Challenge. It was a fun and fierce photo challenge with no guidance and only 90 seconds the...

Color Blocking Photo shoot Charlotte

Color Blocking Photoshoot with Mekhi This was a free fun competition with other models as well. The winner was Tia Walker!   Check out the BTS of...

Candy themed make-up look shoot concept

Capturing the colorful makeup, and bright spirit of this look was truly a highlight. The look was inspired by something I saw in a...

Creative photo shoot ideas

One of my creative photoshoot ideas finally accomplished in my second shoot with Lilly Valliere. It was a  very simple black and white strip set....

Reticulated python snake & model photoshoot

Reticulated python photo session with Model Ava Lockhart. There were actually two huge Python snakes. One is a 16ft albino white phase Reticulated python...

Candyland photoshoot concept

Candyland photoshoot! Im sure if your age 30+ you remember the beloved board game Candyland. It was one of the popular board games that captured...

Creative Make-up by Courtney Mcmanus with Maranda Moore

Creative Make-up by Courtney Mcmanus with model Maranda Moore and photographer Todd Youngblood

Water photography – high speed photography

Water photography is still very new to me but this is clearly one of my favorite shoots of the year. This time im working...

Candy Makeup Concept

Candy Makeup Concept A happy and colorful concept. Bright make-up complimented by real candy sprinkles on the face of model Alexanderia Wallace applied by makeup...