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Reticulated python snake & model photoshoot

snake and model shoot Todd Youngblood with Ava Lockart
Todd Youngblood Photography

Reticulated python photo session with Model Ava Lockhart. There were actually two huge Python snakes. One is a 16ft albino white phase Reticulated python named Ammo. The other snake is Sunshine is a 14ft albino lavender Reticulated python owned by the handler James Price.

Photographer Todd Youngblood Photography studio in Charlotte NC, with model Ava Lockhart, and handler James Price. Big thanks to Model agency Maevee Modelz for make it possible. Book your shoot with me at www.ToddYoungbloodPhotography.com 704-712-2393

A brief about the Reticulated Python
Written by: davidlaw1989

Considered nonvenomous and probably harmless to human beings, the reticulated python (Python reticulatus) also called “retics” or just “tics” are the world’s longest snakes located/found in South Asia. This species of python is the not only the longest but it is also among the three heaviest snakes in the world. Although there have been few cases of people being harmed by the snakes, the incidences have been quite rare. Python reticulatus jampeanus and Python reticulatus saputrai are two dwarf subspecies under The reticulated python (Python reticulatus) species.

Some Snake breeders over time have managed to produce several retic varieties which cannot actually be found in the wild. These pythons together with the green anaconda are the largest in the world. Compared to the green anaconda, the Reticulated Python is able to achieve a great length of over 20 feet while the green anaconda can achieve more girth and mass that length.

Reticulated Python Availability
The Reticulated Python is usually available all year round, imports are usually not much expensive however it might be challenging for the python to adjust to the new captive area. Because of this large quantity produced by breeders, there is no need to purchase a python caught from the wild. It is however far better to buy from a certified breeder with all necessary information about the animal you are considering to buy.

Reticulated Python Adult Size
With some weighing 350 pounds at 32 feet long, the Reticulated Python is truly large snakes. However not all snakes in the species reach these size since most adult Reticulated Python reach only 10 -20 feet long.
Reticulated Python can live for 15 to 20 years on average. However, in some rare and individual cases, these Reticulated Python have lived for 25 to 30 years.

snake and model shoot
Model with snake photo shoot with Todd Youngblood and Maevee Modelz Ava Lockart

Reticulated Python Caging
When thinking of a cage for the Reticulated Python, you should have/ make cages with strong locks and Tight-fitting racks. Compared with baby pythons who are housed in shoebox-sized cages, adult pythons are kept in 2-foot-tall by 3-foot-wide by 6- to 8-foot cages. The cage should also have a large opening enough to allow the animal to enter and exit with ease.

Reticulated Python Lighting and Temperature
The optimal temperature for the python is 76 degrees Fahrenheit to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. There are many ways of regulating the temperature which includes lighting, heat pads or even suing a thermostat. Always use a cage guard to prevent possible injury. Compared with the rest, thermostats are the best option and means that you truly get your money’s worth.

Reticulated Python Food and waterThis breed of snakes truly loves their meal, although some will start with live food. Most can be taught to like freshly killed prey or frozen/thawed prey items. While overfeeding snakes can cause health problem with the animal, you should feed the Reticulated Python every 7-10 days with a one prey item that has the comparable girth to the thickest part of the snake’s body. Always ensure that a large water dish is available at all times in the cage.

Always keep your Reticulated Python in a safe environment and well-enclosed cage. This will ensure that it is not a bother to people around and that it doesn’t escape into the wild.


Reticulated python