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Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston inspired photo shoot as a part of the “Music Icons” with Chaise Enrique.

May she rest in peace, Whitney Houston was much more than just a singer, she was an actress, producer, and model. She was born August 9th, 1963. She departed this life February 11th 2012. Her voice and smile spoke to your soul.

The Music Icon’s shoot was an idea brought to me by a fellow designer,  Chaise Enrique, Kyle Alexander Murray and Rosetta Davidson.

Video captured with Nikon D7000


Written by: frewriter

Whitney Houston had a super exceptional voice. Her mezzo-soprano voice made her number three in MTV’s list of the greatest voices. Even among other listings such as online magazine COVE’s, Rolling Stone and many others, she still stood out as one of the best artist with the greatest voices. Not only that, she was able to relate with a song, and let herself be carried with the emotion ignited, this made her exclusively out stand as a great performer, making her one of the greatest artist ever.

Music was not exempted from racial racism, in the 1980’s. As Michael Jackson broke the color discrimination for the male artist, and their music could be played on MTV, Whitney did it for the black women. Her breakthrough with the success of “How will I know” song video, made other African American women to be inspired and they were able to succeed in music. These African American women influenced by Houston back then include Janet Jackson, Anita baker and the list flows up to even the present African American artist.

She also had a great impact in modern R&B, and the development of music competition which has really played a role in music quality. Some of the vocal artist she did influence include Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Christina Aguilera, Ashanti, Alicia keys, the list is just endless.

Houston’s achievements is a true proof of her legacy. Guinness book of record lists her as the female artist with highest number of awards. She had 2 Emmy awards, 30 Billboard awards, 6 Grammy awards, 22 American music awards. Among other awards, they total to 415. She had the most AMAs to be ever won in one year that was in 1994. She had outstood as the most American music awards and only shared this with Michael Jackson. She was an all-time pop culture icon. Her debut album is on the list of 500greatest albums of all times list. The mentioned achievements are just but a few when it comes to Houston’s artist legacy.

She was a celebrated film actress from 1992. Her first filmed role was in the movie titled “The Bodyguard’ where she played the role of Rachel Marron. She got several nominations for different awards such as MTV award for best female performance, MTV movie award for best breakthrough performance among others. She also starred in other movies such as Waiting to exhale’ in 1995, “The Preachers Wife” in 1996 as Julia Biggs. Her final film was Whitney; can I be me”, a movie about herself, it was released on June 11, 2017.

Apart from films Houston also had television roles, such as the 1984 “Gimme a break” and “As the world turns”. Others were “Silver spoons,” 1985 and “Boston Public” in 2003.

Whitney Houston did thrive in music and film, her influence and legacy speaks for itself. May she always continue to inspire and may her legacy live on and forever.