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Water photography – high speed photography

Water photography is still very new to me but this is clearly one of my favorite shoots of the year. This time im working with model Meredith Evert. The set-up for this photo shoot is quiet simple, consisting of just plexiglass that I picked up from a local hardware store, a spray bottle filled with water and a translucent colored visor. I quickly learned that timing was everything when photographing with water. As for the studio lighting used in this shot it was all Alien Bee strobes from Paul C. Buff. Shooting with my Nikon D7000 Im usually limited me to a shutter speed of 1/200th or 1/250 of a second but that was fast enough to capture the droplets and without too much blurring.

Water Photography - capturing droplets of water
Water Photography – capturing droplets of water

My first attempt was a failure due to the water being poured too fast and wetting up the everything. With a few adjustments and patience the second attempt was much better. It worked much better by having the water slowly trickle onto the visor and capturing the droplets at 1/200th of a second shutter speed and an aperture of F10. The raw image was a bit darker than the final product you see here, however Im a photographer with a tendency to shoot a bit darker than desired an bright things up a little in the Photoshop post production.

The Nikkor lens set at 55mm using a beauty dish and and reflector which set a few feet from her chin. About 5 mins after we got the hang of things the we began capturing several very good shots with each pour of water.  I am very pleased with the outcome! This is just the first of my water photography series, more to come. I must give a big thank you to the CEO of Maevee Modelz “OT” and a huge thanks to the lovely model Meredith Evert for her patience in making this possible.

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