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Swimsuit photography BTS

Behind the scenes of the swimwear shoot with Abigale Allen in Florida.
I bad a wonderful time working with Abigale and the scenery was at this beach was amazing. We only had a few swimsuits that we were working with on this day but next go around I will be sure to take full advantage of the setting with several more looks.

Tips and tricks on swimsuit photography
Written by: georgewalter

Swimsuit photography can get a little tricky sometimes, however, using these few tips and tricks we’re about to show you herein below should make things move much more swiftly and with ease.

Lighting, undoubtedly, had to be the next important thing we needed to mention. Without proper lighting it’s extremely difficult to produce a great picture. Manipulating natural lighting and then combining that with supplemental lighting methods and techniques such as the use of strobes, reflectors and scrims will take your swimsuit photography shoot to the next level. Always ensure you test your lighting by taking a few random shots to make sure your lighting is just right
Swimsuit photography does not have to be something exclusively for the beach. You can do it anywhere that will generally fit your shoot settings and requirements. Embrace a wide range of shoot locations and diligently learn everything you can from each place. Vacation homes, rustic marinas and dry river beds are some of the few places that still give a great surrounding for swimwear photography besides the beach. Expand your horizons.
The S curve is when a woman shifts her weight onto one side and then tilts her shoulders down to the side with the extended hip. It’s used to show the flattering, feminine shape. Most great swimsuit models use this technique time and time again. It makes for a great picture, especially when swimwear is involved.
Let the swimsuit fit the models personality as well. This improves confidence which in turn allows her to produce great poses.


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