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Prime lens shooting vintage look at Tuft store Charlotte

Fashion Photographer Todd Youngblood with Model Diyasha Smith, and Make-up artist Monique Stevens. BHS Behind the scenes of the vintage shoot at TUFT Furniture store in Charlotte NC.
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This was one of my very first shoot with my new Tamron prime lens
So what is a prime lens? Here is a brief write up.

Written by: Expert101

Surprisingly, in an era where zoom lenses cover the all the range, you might wonder if the recent emergence of topics about prime lenses of late. Perhaps there is a rise of cheaper, more quality form of photography lately. Prime lenses are lenses that have one focal length or rather a Single Reflex Length (SLR). Ideally, prime lenses often come with zoom lenses that wider range of focal length. However, if one cannot zoom in or out, why then should one purchase a prime lens;

1. Quality images.

Normally, prime lenses have simple designs due to the reduced visual defects and even aberrations involved. The simpler design creates less distorted and technically a correct image when shot by a prime lens. Prime lenses are known for their unrivaled by their ability to eliminate the reddish-yellow edges defect.

2. Cheaper cost

In photography, wide apertures required for zooming often come at a higher price such that, for a bigger zooming aperture, the screen must be larger. Therefore, while sticking to the same focal length, which requires no zooming, will cost not much at all.

3. They are light

Weight is another vital factor for consideration for a photographer. Prime lenses are significantly ideal for hiking as they are far much lighter than their zooming lenses counterparts. You would not want a pound lens attached to your camera just for hiking.

4. Flexibility and convenience

Perhaps, the most persuasive argument for the prime lenses is their ability to offer unlimited possibilities of the photographer. Prime lenses offer a higher flexible performance of the user without being tied down by its weight or unnecessary attachments on the camera.

5. Personal Preference

Users often like prime lenses due to their personal preferences and choices.
More often, the zooming lenses create the temptations of letting the camera doing everything for you or else referred to as the lazy photographer syndrome while this is not a pressing issue in fixed focal lenses.

Therefore, choosing the best type of lens is not a walk in the park affair. Prime lenses just like zooming lenses can give an unlimited experience just like the zooming lenses. The main factors to consider is the price, quality and even the conveniences involved in the type of lens chosen