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Powder photography

Powder Photography

Action shots using powder creates a very cool dramatic effect!
We all had a blast experimenting with this at Studio 3P Columbia. It was a bit messy but well worth the effort. We were outside so at least we did’t have to worry about it the fine dust spreading onto the floor and furniture. If you decide to a powder photography session its a must that you put something down and make sure the model is not allergic to the powder/flour that you maybe using. Unfortunately in this shoot we didn’t get to to colored powder due to it being to “heavy”. I case you cant find the powder your looking for, basic flour worked out just fine.

This go around I was not using my equipment so I just went with the flow of the meetup group. Speaking of that, take time to check out Meetup.com for local photography meetup groups. You will most likely find photographers and models that you can both work with and learn from.
During my next powder photography session I will definitely consider playing with the lighting behind the models a little more.

A few tips I learned from this shoot was to use a dark background especially if the powder is light in color. Always use a very fast shutter speed to capture a very sharp image while eliminating the blurring of dust/powder particles. Bring several helping hands to handle the powder. If you have any type of dust protection or cover for you camera, this is the time to put it into use. Lastly, instead of letting the model do all the work of putting the powder into motion, consider having it tossed onto her from different directions following a count down. Once again timing is going to be a major factor in capture the best image.