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Model & Snake Shoot

Model & Snake Shoot

Shooting with a snake is nothing new and probably one of the shoots that I have never been excited about because I simply felt the concept needed more thought, more props, more of something. Ive simply seen it done too many times. However this time I decided to give it a try. I had the beautiful model Shannon Walker with from Diamond Class Agency and the owner happened to have a beautiful snake. The snake named “Queen” which is a ball python and it was very calm, no cage or anything was needed. ¬†Even after sitting her down on the counter she just looked around checking things out instead of slithering off.

Model & snake photo shoot
Model & Python Snake

The set up for the shoot was simple. First was a solid black background, followed by a simple white on white look showing a little skin using a white still that I salvaged and painted from Goodwill. Capturing the beauty of the model with the edgy hair style with reptile completed the look I was aiming for.

As expected she was a little hesitate at first but we got the job done!
A few tip when shooting with snakes.

  1. Snakes don’t like to be in cool environments.
  2. Avoid bringing snakes into a shoot with a model that’s terrified of them. Snakes react to movement and my become irritated or feel threaten by fearful movement.
  3. Make sure you have a handler that is knows the snake very well. Never go buy a snake that you have no experience with for a photo shoot.
  4. Lastly don’t tease the model as I did in the video. If you see your subject starting to panic or become frighten have the snake removed so they can gather themselves.
Model & snake photo shoot
Model & snake photo shoot

Photo shoot with Shannan and Queen the snake from Diamond Class Promotions Agency.

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