Swimwear photography Cherry Bomb with Abigale Allen

Swimwear photography by Todd Youngblood Cherry Bomb sexy Swimwear modeled by Abigale Allen at Panama City beach Sainte Andrews A bit about Swimwear Photography Written by: marvintana Swimwear...

Tetris Photo Shoot Concept

This Tetris photo shoot concept was a hard due to getting all the blocks created and aligned together. Fashion Model Tonya Porter and Stylist...
Preaching to the Rockstar Alter Ego Photo

Preaching to the Rockstar Alter Ego Photo

Preaching to the Rockstar Alter Ego Photo
Pride Magazine 2023 May June

Pride Magazine Charlotte

May/June issue of Pride Magazine Charlotte. Cover photographed by Todd Youngbloodhttps://issuu.com/watchdog-ent./docs/pm_0523_hr/2
decision day photoshoot ideas

Torn Paper Photo Shoot , Decision Day Idea

Decision Day photoshoot idea with a recent high school grad. For her decision day we utilized a backdrop roll of paper that we purposely...

Earth Day Charlotte Seen

Fashion event "focused on accelerating solutions to making our planet a better place and to activate everyone to do their part. Models will show...
Wealthy helps Homeless alter ego

Wealthy helps Homeless Alter Ego

This alter ego photo of a wealthy person helping out a homeless lady was so much fun. It was meant to spread a message...

Low light editorial photoshoot, Noda of Charlotte NC

Low light editorial photography behind the scenes. I pushed my Nikon 610 camera and 85mm lens to the limits on this one. For this...
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Natural light photography behind the scenes with beautiful model Clarity

Natural Light photoshoot with Nikon camera and 85mm lens. Photographing with the beautiful model in a grudge setting. Behind the scenes of a quick...


Powder photography

Powder Photography Action shots using powder creates a very cool dramatic effect! We all had a blast experimenting with this at Studio 3P Columbia. It was...

kids fashion magazine level21

kids fashion magazine level21.jpg
kids fashion magazine level21