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Gangsta Makeup Creative Makeup

Gangsta Makeup by Monique Stevens.  take behind the scenes peek of the video photo shoot with Mua Monique Stevens and photographer Todd Youngblood.  The first look was with the amazing model Alexanderia Wallace. Always a pleasure  to shoot a model with such strong awareness when it comes to posing and facial control. When deciding if I will work with a model in the future, the first thing I take note of is facial control and range of expression, followed by posing. Alex can do it all! Check out some more of her work in the Candy & MakeUp photo creative shoot also with Monique Stevens.

The Makeup used in the image of Alex (below ) was Urban Decay All Nighter liquid foundation Shade 7.5

Creative Halloween Make-up by Monique Stevens. Halloween photo shoot with Todd Youngblood

Stewart was a new face in the studio and he owned the whole gangsta appeal with the hair and bandanna and skull face complimented by Cherie Green on the right. What can I say they nailed the whole gangsta makeup concept! Looking forward to doing more work with the two of them. Cherie Green has some amazing photos from a previous photo shoot at the Hanging Rock State park water falls.

Halloween Makeup Ideas
Creative Halloween Makeup by Monique Stevens for Halloween photo shoot

Stewart Cole’s look was applied using Bennye Crown White face paint, mehron color cups shade black.

I had a great time shooting this creative makeup with Monique for the Halloween season. Monique is one of the best makeup artist in Charlotte, definitely at the top of my list. Sorry I don’t remember the settings i used in these shots but I was with my loyal Nikon and Alien Bee strobes by Paul C. Buff

Cherie Green Gangsta Makeup
Cherie Green
Makeup | Monique Stevens
Photographer | Todd Youngblood
Charlotte North Carolina