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Charlotte Editorial Photographer
Hadley Brooks Model with Todd Youngblood Photography

Location | Todd Youngblood Photography studio in Charlotte North Carolina

So what is editorial fashion photography?
Written by: nyongesaerick66

Unlike advertising photography which is mainly done for the
purpose of selling a product, Editorial photography is done for print media
publications such as magazines and newspapers. These are usually done to
demonstrate a story or an article through images and texts covering a wide
range of topics. When editorial photography is done for models wearing
clothes or accessories, it is called editorial fashion photography.

Generally, a fashion editorial features a designer theme or
idea depicting full-page photographs. Such editorials often convey a story
through creative photos or at times several spreadsheets. Editorials for
Fashion is usually not, particularly about clothing. The exact idea behind the
photography is the mood and scenario in which the clothing would be worn.
Clothing is a great way to depict a story primarily but not limited to fashion
through Fashion editorials. A Fashion editorial works differently with new and
exciting ideas compared to conventional editorials.

Such publications do not have to be just about a story. A
combination of fashion, décor or lifestyle and scenery inspires readers to
visualize an idea of a story behind it even where there isn’t one. The fashion
photography for editorials involve deep model poses with fascinating makeup,
hair at exotic locations to attract the reader’s attention. Every page of the
editorial features models in various wardrobe looks, sometimes featuring a
designer’s catalog.

The location of the photography can be outdoors or indoors
and may use plenty of props. Indoor setups use a lot of backdrops that
complement the hair, make-up or accessories and props. The editorials can use
photography to showcase seasons, culture, art or trend that surrounds around a
story. Fashion photography is usually about the lifestyle while the
editorial is about a story. Unlike the common perception, editorials other than
the ones featured by top fashion magazines have very little or no budget. The
team of photographers, artists, stylists, and models bear the cost of the
photo shoot. The portfolios created using these shoots help them get recognized
and provide a chance at getting a commercial job.

Fashion photography is about showcasing authority and
confidence through models and their peripherals. The elements of the scene
should reflect in the beauty of the model and the clothing or accessory which
is featured. For instance, if the editorial shoot is on a line of clothing, the
make-up and styling has to be done to compliment the clothing. Darker and
bolder make-up with over-styled hair call for a seductive look whereas gentle
make-up and free flow hairstyles look great for a natural look. When it comes
to posing, it is always tricky. Editorial magazines always feature the current
and trendy poses that require the use of curvy body shapes inspiring the
readers towards the subject of the photography. Ideally a studio is the best
place to photography for fashion shoots as it presents great control of
lightning and backdrop to the photographer. And finally, the location of the
shoot is decided based on the subject of the shoot. For instance, a clothing
line that speaks out edgy will go great with an urban setting.


Todd Youngblood Photography Hadley
Hadley Brooks Model with Todd Youngblood




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