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Creative photo shoot ideas

One of my creative photoshoot ideas finally accomplished in my second shoot with Lilly Valliere. It was a  very simple black and white strip set. Once again I took advantage of random things that I found at Goodwill and around the house. I have a ton of speakers so I painted one of them a solid white. Im not sure if it still works but at least it served great as a prop in this creative look. The telescope was a quick find that I also painted.

Todd Youngblood Photography of Charlotte, creative fashion photographer with Lilly Valliere
Makeup by Monique Stevens.

As for the background I’ve been asked was it a real room, was it photoshop, or what. Well its actually four foot by eight foot foam-core boards that I think are used for insulation in housing. After squeezing them in the Honda Odyssey I lined them with tap and brought out the paint. Ive wanted to shoot a few looks with black and white strips for a while now so this was my opportunity. First the white layer then after it was drying I brought on the black. Now one issue that I had was the masking tape did pull up some of the paint.  I thought of going back to retouching those places until the artist in me saw it as texture. Once the two boards were complete, I aligned them together and used some 4inch wide gaffers tape to hold them during the shoot. I had some alignment issues in a few places but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t repair in photoshop post production.

The camera i used for the job was my Nikon D610 with a Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 lens. I didn’t have specific shots place this time so i needed the range of the 28-75mm for range.

Big thanks to Maevee Modelz of Charlotte NC for always providing great talent when im feeling creative.
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