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Creative Photography Ideas – Queen of hearts photoshoot

Creative photoshoot ideas part two. This time the creative photo set ideas are centered around a playing cards concept. Its a fairly easy DIY photography set to create. I will admit the scene is a bit tight to photograph with the confined dimensions of 4×4 feet, however, Cecelia pulls it off with ease. While creating this photo set I knew it would become very busy visually, but I still needed something for the model to pose with. Using extra scrape boards from the hardware store and a little creativity I managed to paint the boards as large cards and bring them together as a posing prop for the model. The cards covering the sidewall were purchased from amazon along with the 32ft led light in the background. With a little paint and patience, my DIY photography set began to come to life. Model | Cecilia Alt Clothing | Edgygal Boutique Makeup | Crystal Jennings Hair | Shamira Ray Video Assist | Ty Harris Photographer | Todd Youngblood Studio | Todd Youngblood Photography Studio in Charlotte NC Stay tuned from more behind the scenes photography videos.

Queen of hearts photoshoot
Queen of hearts fashion photoshoot
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