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Color Blocking Photo shoot Charlotte

Color Blocking Photoshoot with Mekhi

This was a free fun competition with other models as well. The winner was Tia Walker!


Check out the BTS of the other photo models as well.

So what is color blocking anyway?
Written By Libby011

Color blocking involves taking colors from the opposite end of the spectrum to create an ensemble. The fusion of two completely conflicting colors makes the picture vibrant enough to stand out. In order to use color blocking in fashion, you must choose your color palette carefully. Contrasting and bold colors result in very bright and chic look. You could also use monotone, muted and complementary colors to produce a color block effect.
It is also a good idea to avoid prints and patterns because such designs may overshadow the color block which you wish to accentuate. Color blocking has made a huge comeback in 2018 and designers have used it to full extent. Color blocking is not just limited to multi-hued clothes. Accessories are also a part of this trend and since colors can never really go out of fashion, it is becoming popular with many fashion photographers and designers experimenting with color blocking on the outfits of their models.
Color blocking involves pairing your clothes in different colors and textures. It is also aesthetically appealing since only two colors predominantly occupy your outfit. Polarizing colors are generally recommended by fashionistas but you could also use one color scheme if you are skeptical. The idea is to play with the primary color and the accent. If you are going for simplicity, you should use one primary color and one to accent. If you are looking for colors which transition easily into one another, you should use one as a primary color and two to support and accept it. This also makes the look easy on the eyes. You could also use triadic colors which would require you to use one color as the dominant one and two to lightly complement it. There are many permutations and combinations you could use to create a good color block effect.