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Color Block Photo Challenge

Rules & Prizes

This is just a fun contest for those that came out to the "Color Block Photo Challenge".

  • Anyone Found Cheating will be removed asap. I have 7 layers of detection and Ip Logging.
  • The photo¬†"the model" selected for the challenge cannot be changed.
  • Voting is allowed twice a day (once every 12hrs). From each internet (ip¬†address) connection.
  • The person with the most votes wins!
  • Voting ends 8/24/2018
  • The Winner with the most votes Wins a full shoot with all the sets with behind the scenes video. (Must be redeemed within 10 days).
    Thank you for your time. More challenges are coming soon with bigger prizes!

Color Block Photo Challenge by Fashion photographer Todd Youngblood of Charlotte NC. This was a 100% free event for models that had some experience and wanted to add some color and creativity to their portfolio. There’s more creative challenges and concepts and shoots coming soon for those looking for something creative for their modeling portfolio.
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