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Color Blocking Fashion Shoot – Creative photography sets

Color blocking fashion photo shoot with Sharissa. I had the urge to create something colorful in the studio. This is one of many models in the color blocking photo challenge. Big thank you to Sharissa for bringing such a bold and fierce look.


Color blocking is the method of pairing two or three colors out of the color wheel and make it look into a bold color. The dress or attire looks loud or colors clash. In simple words, it can be described as wearing a clothing which has multiple solid colors. It can be considered as easiest ways to make a fashion statement and look fashionable.
There are certain rules for color blocking. The first and foremost rule is to avoid prints, as the bold colors speak themselves, so just stick to the colors. Don’t mix lots of colors, try to mix two or three of them, overdoing the colors will make it look messy like a painters room. Check which colors can be paired with which colors, like whites, gray etc can be easily paired with any bright colors. You can even try color block accessories, pairing the costume with an opposite color handbag, tote bag can make a statement. Even a bright makeup can be a good choice, like metallic eyeshadows, nail polish, red lips etc.

Color Blocking fashion example
Color Blocking fashion example

Color blocking not only makes a style statement but also makes your body look slimmer and in a shape. Especially when the dark colors such as black are being paired, makes look the body slimmer. For a woman in her forties, the vivid colors tend to bring out her appearance and skin tone. While color blocking is not only a feminine thing, it can be tried on men too. Color Blocking has recently spread over to home interiors and interior design for room walls and decor, the dashing color combinations can make look the room lively and pleasant.
Color blocking is more about practice and practice. Trying to being more adventurous, play with colors. It’s not a rocket science, the more you experiment with colors, the sooner you would be able to tell what looks good and what doesn’t. The key is don’t be afraid of using the color combinations, find a way to create an interesting piece.