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Coffee Pods Dress – Recycled Fashion Designs ecoFAB

2016 ecoFAB Trash Couture a collaboration piece designed and created by Trashion Artistas Marynel Watters & Flavia Lovatelli: skirt, made out of Nespresso Coffee single serving pods sewn on a mosquito mesh; top, plastic adhesive liner with magazine paper, crown, starbucks to go cups (cleaned out), handbag an up cycled aluminum paint bucket. While this¬† might have taken each collaborator one month to make, the collecting of the Nespresso Pods took Flavia’s little elves the better part of a year to collect, empty and wash enough for the skirt.

This was a spectacular event, anyone that knows me knows I love capturing creativity and art. The opportunity brought all that creativity  together in a wearable fashion form on the run way! Im looking forward to the next one!