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Charlotte Seen Fashion Week

Charlotte Seen Fashion Week recyclables segment showcasing fashion designers that create fashion designs from all recyclable material. Some of the creativity of these pieces are simply mind blowing. Although I try to catch all their runway productions, I put forth and extra effort to get coverage of the the recyclable fashions competition. Ive seen beautiful recycled dresses created from candy wrappers, pop bottle tops, newspapers, trash bags, even safety pins! It exciting not know what work of art is going to come down the runway next.
The last brochure I received from attending Charlotte Seen Fashion Week had a statement from The producer Rita Miles that read” I don’t create just events or runways or galas…I create experiences.”  I agree 100% with that statement!

Below are images from other past productions

Charlotte Seen
Charlotte Seen Recycled Fashion Competition

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Charlotte Seen Recycled Fashion Segment
Charlotte Seen Recycled Fashion design competition
Amazing Carousel Recycled Dress
Amazing Carousel Recycled Dress

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