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pool photo shoot bts Sharrisavideo

Pool shoot swimwear & floats

Amazing pool shoot with Sharissa Bain of Charlotte NC. Had to make my way to the water for the first time this summer. Had...

Swimwear photography Cherry Bomb with Abigale Allen

Swimwear photography by Todd Youngblood Cherry Bomb sexy Swimwear modeled by Abigale Allen at Panama City beach Sainte Andrews A bit about Swimwear Photography Written by: marvintana Swimwear...

Swimsuit photography BTS

Behind the scenes of the swimwear shoot with Abigale Allen in Florida. I bad a wonderful time working with Abigale and the scenery was at...

Beauty photo shoot Charlotte NC

Behind the beauty photo shoot that was published in Crush Model Magazine. A very quick but successful shoot with Model Le'Neice Rogers. The location was simply...