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Black & White Illusion Photo Challenge

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Rules & Prizes

This is just a fun contest for those that came out to the "Color Block Photo Challenge".

  • Anyone Found Cheating will be removed asap. I have 7 layers of detection and Ip Logging.
  • The photo¬†"the model" selected for the challenge cannot be changed.
  • Voting is allowed twice a day (once every 12hrs). From each internet (ip¬†address) connection.
  • The person with the most votes wins!
  • Voting ends 11/4/2018
  • The Winner with the most votes Wins a full shoot with all the sets with behind the scenes video. (Must be redeemed within 10 days).
    Thank you for your time. More challenges are coming soon with bigger prizes!

In this Challenge, the models had 90 seconds to pull off poses using each set. There was no guidance from me as the photographer in regards to posing. With the clock ticking and 4 minutes to change wardrobe for the next set, I think the models did a fantastic job! I can say I was impressed! The sets were a mash-up of black and white paint and duck tape from the local hardware store giving a varying combination of lines and angles. Oh and Polka-Dots. I think my favorite scene was the polka dots! Hope you all enjoy the outcome and please vote for your favorite image! Todd Youngblood Photography of Charlotte NC. Stay tuned for the next challenge!

Creative photography sets, Charlotte Studio
Photography studio creative sets. Charlotte NC.