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All Pink Room Photography Concept

The all pink room was a straight forward concept that was very simple. I wanted ninety percent of the photo set to consist of the color pink. All pink wardrobe, pink decor, pink everything. With very little space I created a makeshift room using foam-core boards and lots of pink paint! This shoot was just a fun photo project that was not for any particular client however I manage to get two great models to bring it to life. Alexanderia Wallace and Sydney Wheeler were very comfortable on the set with posing and taking direction. To complete the look, makeup artist Monique Stevens applied a somewhat natural but flawless look to their faces as well as provided the wardrobe. If you take a closer look at their attire you will discover that they are not pieces that you would find in your local boutique. Ill leave it up to you to figure it out 🙂 .   The shoot took place at Todd Youngblood Photography studio in Charlotte North Carolina in NODA.

all pink room concept photography series
all pink room concept photography series

This was shot with my Nikon D7000 camera which is a very old camera at the time of writing this, however it does the job! The lens was my work horse Tamron 28-75mm 2.8. I wanted to use the slightly newer full frame Nikon D610 but it shoots much darker despite using the same setting on both the camera and Alien Bee Strobe lights.  The Nikon D610 still does great in some occasions however I think I will be trading it in soon, i can’t trust it when shooting wedding or in low light environments.

Im may even consider switching from Nikon to Canon which I have used for photographing school sports and yearbook and they have some nice products.

I had someone do a little research it below is the results
Written by: mucherusamuel03

Nikon vs Canon

Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras have a lot of similarities. They
both have top quality features and are the leaders in camera technology. Similarities
in the two cameras include a wide range of accessories and a solid image
quality. However, there are lots of differences that arise from the features of
both cameras.

Nikon vs Canon: Sensors

Both cameras come with similar sized sensors. However,
Nikons latest DSLRs have a new sensor design that enables them do away with the
optical low pass filter without pattern distortion. The camera therefore can
pick more details and function perfectly in low light. On the other hand, Canon’s
latest DSLRs still apply the optical low pass filter. The image quality is the
same for both though color may differ depending on personal difference. In this
case, none is better than the other.


Both cameras have quite the same autofocus speed. They however
differ slightly in their burst speed rates. Canon has high-end DSLRs with a 10
fps burst rate while Nikon’s fastest APS-C camera only manages 6 fps. However,
at the entry level where there are more budget friendly types, Nikon model
offers the highest speed.


Despite a similar performance, the cameras slightly differ
in their modes of operations. The “Tv” in canon and “S” in Nikon mode dial both
indicate the shutter priority mode. The autofocus mode terminology “Continuous
Autofocus” is easier to remember than “Al servo Autofocus” for canon, yet they
both mean the same thing. Nikons battery is also better than Canon’s.

Video quality

Canon has a hybrid autofocus system while recording videos. The
latest DSLRs from Nikon also have a continuous autofocus. Canon has
traditionally been known to produce a better video but Nikon has caught up with
them due to their latest developments.

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